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Oppositelock CTSC Series First Race!!!

The first race of the season will be on Sunday September 18th at 5pm EST. I know we usually race on Saturdays but I have a commitment Saturday and really want to get the ball rolling on this. Our first race will be Daytona and I plan on following the order of tracks as they are run by CTSC so you can figure that out from there. My plan is to use random grids. The races will be either 55 or 60 minutes long and will have 2 quickstops. Damage will be fuel and tires. We will also be using cautions. The rules of the Cautions will be that the field will be frozen at the time it is called. For a caution to be called, two cars must be involved in the incident and end up hitting the wall, leaving the track or coming to a full stop on track.

I will be allowing four cars per manufacturer. I am laying claim now to one of the Camaro Z/28 entries.


Alfa Romeo 4c - Corey CC97

BMW M3 (E92) (2008) - DiscoJoint

BMW M4 - nichpsu, BruisedOrpheus, Ray0241

Chevy Camaro Z28 - TheCowmaster, mileH1GHmiracle, Axel4904, Kchrpm

Dodge Challenger Hellcat -

Ford Mustang GT350R - SVTyler, IXII Wrath IIXI, Cherry man 1, Rudi srt4

Hyundai Genesis Coupe -

Jaguar F-Type -

KTM X-Bow - Rolandminer, RoboRedMdn1te

Lotus Evora - X Mr Plankton X

Mazda RX-8 - Tellurium132, FlyboyJRK

Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series - Viggen

Nissan 370Z - Capirossi22, Dr Chair PHD

Porsche Cayman GTS - Dr BecKx, Justthetipin1

Build sheet link


Sign up link below


I put in a section on the sign up post about teams, they are optional and there will also be a manufacturers championship. The points structure is as follows, 1st - 25, 2nd - 18, 3rd - 15, 4th - 12, 5th - 10, 6th - 9, 7th - 8, 8th - 7, 9th - 6, 10th - 5, 11th - 4, 12th - 3, 13th - 2, 14th through last, 1 point for showing up. Fast lap will also get 1 point.

The schedule will be on a bi-weekly basis. Its going to depend on my schedule whether it is a Saturday or a Sunday although I will try to keep it as consistent as possible. I will also try to keep it as consistent as possible with start times of 5pm.


The tracks will follow the order of the regular series.

Week 1 - Daytona 24 hours

Week 2 - Sebring

Week 3 - Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

Week 4 - Watkins Glen (full circuit)

Week 5 - Lime Rock Park

Week 6 - Road America

Week 7 - Virginia International Raceway (Bonus Round due to DLC)

Week 8 - Circuit of the Americas

Week 9 - Road Atlanta

VIR will not be for points but is still included because it is a fun track to race. There will be one other drop round in the final tally.

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